Intermark, LLC

Intermark, LLC - 2017 Mt. Evans Sponsor for WordCamp Denver

Since 1994, Intermark, LLC has helped individuals, small businesses, and enterprise entities turn what they have imagined into reality on the Internet. We care about the details. Every form factor counts. Every platform matters. We build responsive solutions leveraging all the WordPress goodness that already exists in the wild. We modify existing code to meet your needs. However, if your business logic requires a custom-built plugin, we do that too! We do all of that always mindful of industry Best Practices. Ramona Eid is affectionately known as the “JavaScript Voodoo Priestess” and revels in the challenge that starts with “I don’t know if this possible, but…”.

Do you have a dream?  We can build that!  Learn more about Intermark, LLC or Ramona Eid.

Author: D'nelle Dowis

D’nelle is the chief distiller of awesomesauce at Berry Interesting Productions, where she nurtures little website seedlings into healthy, hardy WordPress blossoms. She works from anywhere there’s wifi, fancying herself location-independent, but can most often be found kicking around Lakewood, CO, occasionally with her husband, Chris and/or their dogs, Annie & Cece, in tow. She loves sunshine, yoga, Apple products, and the oxford comma all a little too much.