Let’s learn Git. No more excuses.

Whether it is for re-using the same code or deploying a bug fix or just for better document management, one of the most important leaps any site builder will ever take in their path towards becoming a developer is learning a version control system, or VCS. Since Git is the standard VCS over 80% of developers, lets roll up our sleeves and dive in. The benefits far outweigh the efforts needed to learn this tooling. Once you start, you will wonder why it took you so long to unleash the power of this awesome tech.

This workshop will cover:

What is Git and why is it so widely used
The Git workflow
Setup and your first project
Collaboration with Github and Pull Requests

Additional Information:
We will be using command line tools for Git to learn these concepts.
You must bring your laptop.

Please do these three things before class:
1) Download and install git.  It is completely free and open source.
You can do this from: https://git-scm.com/

2) Start a Github account.  Simply go to Github.com and sign up.  This is a free service for how we will be using it.