How to Attract More Clients with Better Branding

So, you love what you do, and you’re amazing at it.  But, you don’t have enough clients, or at least not enough of the clients you’d love to work with.
And you’ve done all the ‘marketing stuff,’ but nothing seems to really work, and you find yourself constantly searching for how to get your biz out there in a bigger way without taking out another dismal Facebook ad.
The problem may not be what you think.
You might not have a clear, consistent brand that tells people who you are, what you’re about, and working with you will change their lives.
That’s what this workshop is all about.
In this workshop, we’ll go over the basics of your brand identity, including how to get clear on WHY you do what you do, WHO you do it for (and what problem you solve for them), and HOW you most want to market it (if it’s not easy and fun, it won’t be sustainable).
You’ll leave with your own branding identity workbook filled with answers to those questions and ideas for design elements for you visual identity, including everything from color schemes and typography to taglines and concept notes.