Defining, Mapping, and (Sometimes) Automating Your Business Processes (This workshop is FULL)

Have you ever finished a project, only to realize days or weeks later that you forgot to include a “standard” feature? Do you sometimes lose work because by the time you’ve responded to an inquiry, the prospect has already moved on? Are your social media accounts or blog suffering from habitual neglect?
If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then this workshop is for you.
I’ve spent my entire professional life building and improving processes across multiple industries. Having a well-defined process is the backbone of any successful business, whether you’re a solopreneur, a small agency, or a Fortune 500 company.
As a service-oriented business, our clients are at the epicenter of every process we create. We’re going to start by taking a deeper look into the value of processes, when to create them, and when (sometimes more importantly) to either retire or automate them. Then, I’m going to teach you a format that truly defines and maps out processes in your business. Finally, we’ll all work together to map out 1-2 internal processes from scratch.