Getting More Done in Less Time: Creating Focus in a Distracted World

When I worked in corporate America, I never needed to track my time, being accessible while at work was a requirement, and everything was urgent. When I left corporate and started my own company, I was lost. I truly did not understand how to manage my time as a business owner, how to structure my day and what was taking away from my ability to get stuff done. Many Friday afternoons were met with dread because I had not accomplished my goals.

But why? What was getting between me and my goals, and how can I get more done in less time? Hence my quest to understand this dilemma.

We work and live in an immediate gratification, instant communication, driven to distraction era. A lot people struggle with “time management.” No matter what we’re working on, however, our most valuable resource isn’t our time; it’s our focus.

Distractions take away from focus and they come in many forms: mental, physical, environmental. These distractions are often misidentified as “urgent”, but they are really just “low value” tasks we’re choosing to handle now.

This low value/busywork has distracts us from our ability to achieve our short and long term goals.

But, there is goods news here. Focusing is a skill, which means you can always improve your ability to focus. And focus increases your productivity. It’s that simple.

During this talk I will discuss the three type of detractors to focus and way to build a rock solid routine to get more done in less time.

What Should the Audience Walk Away With

1) Better understanding of the role focus has on productivity; 2) Realization that they are not the only ones struggling with focus; and 3) Tips to organize their day to get more done in less time.