Wait, there are TWO Denver WordCamps?!

If you’re looking into amazing conferences to go to in Denver this August, you might be a little confused by the fact that there are TWO WordCamps happening on back-to-back weekends.

Yup, that’s right. There are two great WordCamp options you can attend, in Denver, in August.

We’ve got WordCamp Denver, and WordCamp for Publishers.
But which one should you go to? Or, should you go to both? We’ll help you decide!

WordCamp Denver, August 26 & 27 at the University of Denver

WordCamp Denver is a classic WordCamp–but that doesn’t mean it’s boring! It’s a community-organized event designed to bring together web designers, developers, small business owners, bloggers, and really anyone who uses or wants to use the WordPress platform.
At WordCamp Denver you can expect to learn new marketing and blogging skills, nerd out over code, and meet amazing local (and not-so-local) connections.

Who goes to WordCamp Denver?

Anyone who uses WordPress! We’ll have talks and workshops for both hardcore developers and beginning bloggers or small business owners. Whether you use WordPress to run your business or WordPress IS your business, we’ll have something for you!

WordCamp for Publishers, August 17-19 at The Denver Post

WordCamp for Publishers is a community-organized event bringing together folks who use WordPress to manage publications, big or small. This event will empower participants by coaching them on best practices, and encourage collaboration in building open source tools for publishers.

Who goes to WordCamp for Publishers?

Anyone who actively manages a publication with WordPress will benefit from attending this event. Tracks will appeal to engineering, product, and editorial teams. WordCamp for Publisher’s speakers and attendees will come from national media organizations and smaller publications.

So which WordCamp is right for you?

If you manage a publication, you should go to WordCamp for Publishers. Then if you’re still in town, we’d love to have you at WordCamp Denver!
Don’t manage a publication but still use WordPress? Come to WordCamp Denver!

Author: Erin Flynn

Erin makes WordPress websites and teaches web designers and developers how to run their businesses, better. Hit her up on Twitter @erin3flynn or visit her website to learn more about her!