Personal Sponsorships – give back, increase your visibility

Planning on buying your tickets soon? Consider a Personal sponsorship, which includes a ticket to the event and a karma boost!

If you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet that you benefit from WordPress. From the free and open source core software to the vast support network that surrounds it, WordPress is making life better for pretty much everyone who uses it.

There are so many ways to give back to the WordPress community – publishing great content, speaking or volunteering at events like WordCamp, contributing to core, participating in the .org forums, or even just participating in MeetUps. Local WordCamps hold a special place in the WordPress ecosystem. They’re an annual celebration of the work, community, and camaraderie that has formed around the platform. But WordCamps don’t happen magically. A huge part of making the event happen every year comes down to financial support from sponsors.

WordCamp sponsorships are a great way to give back to the project that’s helped so many of us build our businesses and improve our lives. We’re lucky to have the support of the sponsors that we do (seriously – go check out all the folks who are helping to ensure that this year’s camp is awesome)!

One of our goals this year is – instead of focusing on increasing the sponsorship revenue – to increase sponsorship participation. The more people and business that participate, the more “proof of life” we have of the Colorado WordPress Community. An increase in sponsor numbers mean we can more confidently plan camps in future years and bring events like WordCamp for Publishers to the state. That’s why we’ve created a Personal level sponsorship, so that as many local folks as possible can show their support for WordPress and their gratitude for the local community that surrounds it here.

The Personal sponsorship is for individuals and small business in our community who want to show their support for the event beyond volunteering or attending; it even includes the cost of your ticket to camp. Personal sponsorships will not only make you feel warm and fuzzy, they’ll also increase your visibility in the community, which can lead to better local relationships or even increased business.

The evidence is anecdotal, but there’s no doubt that local WordCamp sponsors find new gigs or clients because of the extra visibility that sponsorship offers.

If you’re interested in a Personal sponsorship (or even one of the higher-level sponsorships), you can get started by filling out the sponsor oboarding form, choosing the “Personal Sponsorship” option during your ticket purchase, or contacting this year’s sponsorship coordinator, D’nelle Dowis. She can answer any questions you might have and get you started with your sponsorship.


Author: D'nelle Dowis

D’nelle is the chief distiller of awesomesauce at Berry Interesting Productions, where she nurtures little website seedlings into healthy, hardy WordPress blossoms. She works from anywhere there’s wifi, fancying herself location-independent, but can most often be found kicking around Lakewood, CO, occasionally with her husband, Chris and/or their dogs, Annie & Cece, in tow. She loves sunshine, yoga, Apple products, and the oxford comma all a little too much.