More ways to stay in touch

There’s so much about this year’s camp that we’re excited about – a new venue, the possibilities for the schedule, our super-cool new logo – but more than anything, we’re stoked to be contributing to the ongoing growth of our already-vibrant WordPress community in Colorado.

As the planning team has conspired to find ways to expand our reach and grow our community, we identified two big ways to improve communication and connection – a Facebook page and an email list.

Like, Follow, Friend, Whatever…

Our fantastic promotions wrangler, Erin, spun up a Facebook page for us so that there’s a place for ‘Campers to congregate in amongst the baby photos and animal videos. If Facebook is your network of choice, come join us! You can RSVP to this year’s Camp, ask questions of the planning team, and connect with other attendees before the event.

Do you hangout on Twitter? We’ve got that too! Come follow us and connect.

An alternative to subscribing to site posts

While our main mode of communication in year’s past has been prompting folks to sign up to get updates whenever we publish posts to the site, we know that it can feel random and sometimes like overkill. To keep things concise, and to make sure you have an option to just get the most important news, we set up a MailChimp account.

We plan to send out emails once every couple weeks, highlighting the most important items on the Camp horizon… things like reminders about deadlines, helpful info about what to expect the weekend of Camp, and notices about how you can help make Camp a success.

Hopefully, this will help to organize information a little bit better, and make sure that we don’t lose track of what’s important!

To subscribe to emails from the planning team, complete the “GET UPDATES” form in the sidebar of the site. If you’d prefer to get post notifications, sign up here. If you want to stop following posts, you can do that in your account.

Author: D'nelle Dowis

D’nelle is the chief distiller of awesomesauce at Berry Interesting Productions, where she nurtures little website seedlings into healthy, hardy WordPress blossoms. She works from anywhere there’s wifi, fancying herself location-independent, but can most often be found kicking around Lakewood, CO, occasionally with her husband, Chris and/or their dogs, Annie & Cece, in tow. She loves sunshine, yoga, Apple products, and the oxford comma all a little too much.