Tickets: now available “glitch-free”!

So we ran into a couple issues yesterday with our PayPal account wanting to display in Russian (thanks to all the dedicated people who emailed us immediately!). We do have this resolved now. If you see anything weird with PayPal when trying to purchase tickets A) try purchasing through an incognito window and see if that clears things up and B) if it’s still weird please contact us directly!!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in August!

2 thoughts on “Tickets: now available “glitch-free”!”

    1. Not yet. Part of purchasing a ticket for Sunday is letting us know what YOU would be interested in so we can make sure we have topics that are of interest to the largest number of participants! We will have this solidified in the weeks leading up to the event as we know what people want most and match those topics up with speakers and other community members best suited to run those workshops.

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